Public Health Alerts
Message # Date Sent Subject
103620-6-15-2018-PHAL    6/15/2018    Congenital Syphilis Update, Information and Recommendations for Providers
103581-4-16-2018-PHAL    4/16/2018    Food and Drug Recalls
103368-3-28-2017-PHAL    3/28/2017    Suspension of Mr. Saul N. Barson's Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty In..
103299-12-17-2016-PHAL    12/17/2016    Avian Influenza A H7N2 Infections in Cats at the Manhattan Animal Care Center S..
103287-12-2-2016-PHAL    12/2/2016    APHL and ASM Interim Guidance:Addition of Bacillus cereusbiovar anthracis as a..
  Public Health Advisory
Message # Date Sent Subject
103712-12-28-2018-PHAD    12/28/2018    Consumption of raw dairy products leads to Brucella abortus RB51 in NY resident..
103691-11-16-2018-PHAD    11/16/2018    Recall of Jenny-O Ground Turkey Linked to Outbreak of S. reading
103661-10-4-2018-PHAD    10/4/2018    Recall of beef products due to Salmonella
103641-8-13-2018-PHAD    8/13/2018    Requirements for Animal Control Vehicles
103617-6-11-2018-PHAD    6/11/2018    Outbreak of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infections among Persons Who Use Drugs and..
  Public Health Update
Message # Date Sent Subject
103716-1-8-2019-PHUP    1/8/2019    Rabies Cases by County and Species, January 1 – December 31, 2018
103669-10-15-2018-PHUP    10/15/2018    Rabies Cases by County and Species, January 1 – September 30, 2018
103643-8-13-2018-PHUP    8/13/2018    CORRECTION: The Hajj and Potential for MERS Importation
103642-8-13-2018-PHUP    8/13/2018    The Hajj and Potential for MERS Importation
103639-8-8-2018-PHUP    8/8/2018    Updated guidance and information on Zika
  Public Health Information
Message # Date Sent Subject
103723-1-18-2019-PHIN    1/18/2019    Food Recall
103713-12-31-2018-PHIN    12/31/2018    Food Recall
103708-12-24-2018-PHIN    12/24/2018    Food and Drug Recalls
103707-12-19-2018-PHIN    12/19/2018    Recalls
103705-12-19-2018-PHIN    12/19/2018    Food and Drug Recalls