Public Health Alerts
Message # Date Sent Subject
103836-6-28-2019-PHAL    6/28/2019    Harmful Algal Bloom - Lake Hopatcong
103620-6-15-2018-PHAL    6/15/2018    Congenital Syphilis Update, Information and Recommendations for Providers
103581-4-16-2018-PHAL    4/16/2018    Food and Drug Recalls
103368-3-28-2017-PHAL    3/28/2017    Suspension of Mr. Saul N. Barson's Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty In..
103299-12-17-2016-PHAL    12/17/2016    Avian Influenza A H7N2 Infections in Cats at the Manhattan Animal Care Center S..
  Public Health Advisory
Message # Date Sent Subject
103840-7-9-2019-PHAD    7/9/2019    Recreational Water Illness Case and Outbreak Investigation Guidance
103825-6-10-2019-PHAD    6/10/2019    Public health arboviral testing services
103820-6-3-2019-PHAD    6/3/2019    STD Health Alert: Congenital Syphilis Update
103814-5-24-2019-PHAD    5/24/2019    Increased Reports of Persons Newly Diagnosed with HIV and Injection Drug Use in..
103793-4-25-2019-PHAD    4/25/2019    Increased Reports of Persons Newly Diagnosed with HIV and Injection Drug Use in..
  Public Health Update
Message # Date Sent Subject
103803-5-14-2019-PHUP    5/14/2019    Hepatitis A in Homeless/Drug Use Populations - Guidance Update
103770-3-28-2019-PHUP    3/28/2019    STD Health Alert: Gonorrhea Treatment
103759-3-15-2019-PHUP    3/15/2019    The List of Persons Ineligible to Work as Animal Control Officers in New Jersey..
103736-2-7-2019-PHUP    2/7/2019    Animal Control Officer has had his New Jersey Animal Control Certification Revo..
103716-1-8-2019-PHUP    1/8/2019    Rabies Cases by County and Species, January 1 – December 31, 2018
  Public Health Information
Message # Date Sent Subject
103847-7-17-2019-PHIN    7/17/2019    Food and Dietary Supplement Recalls
103844-7-16-2019-PHIN    7/16/2019    Nominations are open for the 2019 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion Awa..
103842-7-12-2019-PHIN    7/12/2019    Food, Pet Food, and Drug Recalls
103841-7-10-2019-PHIN    7/10/2019    Staying Healthy During the Agricultural Fair Season
103835-6-27-2019-PHIN    6/27/2019    Food, Drug, and Pet Food Recalls