Public Health Alerts
Message # Date Sent Subject
103968-2-7-2020-PHAL    2/7/2020    Cruise Ship - Bayonne
103947-1-22-2020-PHAL    1/22/2020    NJDOH Guidance - 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
103939-1-14-2020-PHAL    1/14/2020    HSEEP Course DATE change announcement -URGENT
103860-8-16-2019-PHAL    8/16/2019    Severe Pulmonary Disease in People Who Report Vaping
103858-8-14-2019-PHAL    8/14/2019    Food, Pet Food, and Drug Recalls
  Public Health Advisory
Message # Date Sent Subject
104104-6-4-2020-PHAD    6/4/2020    Maintaining and Reopening Building Water Systems Impacted by Prolonged Shutdown..
104089-5-12-2020-PHAD    5/12/2020    Resources for in LTC including new COHORTING document, revised checklist, and r..
104060-4-10-2020-PHAD    4/10/2020    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Care of Patients with Multi-drug Re..
104047-3-30-2020-PHAD    3/30/2020    REVISED: Priority Actions for All Post-acute Care Settings in Response to COVID..
104046-3-30-2020-PHAD    3/30/2020    Guidance for COVID-19 Diagnosed and/or Exposed Healthcare Personnel
  Public Health Update
Message # Date Sent Subject
104091-5-15-2020-PHUP    5/15/2020    COVID-19 Point Prevalence Testing Toolkit for Facilities
104083-5-5-2020-PHUP    5/5/2020    Guidance for COVID-19 Diagnosed and/or Exposed Healthcare Personnel: Infection..
104082-5-5-2020-PHUP    5/5/2020    CORRECTION: Public Health Update: Quick Reference: Discontinuation of Transmiss..
104081-5-5-2020-PHUP    5/5/2020    Quick Reference: Discontinuation of Transmission-Based Precautions and Home Iso..
104056-4-7-2020-PHUP    4/7/2020    Updated COVID-19 Testing Information
  Public Health Information
Message # Date Sent Subject
104101-5-29-2020-PHIN    5/29/2020    Food and Drug Recalls
104100-5-26-2020-PHIN    5/26/2020    Reminder: CEUs avaialble
104099-5-26-2020-PHIN    5/26/2020    Food and Drug Recalls
104096-5-22-2020-PHIN    5/22/2020    Training Announcement
104095-5-18-2020-PHIN    5/18/2020    Food Recalls